Non-Fiction Books

Discover Texas – History Curriculum

Texas is a wonderful state. From the Panhandle to the Gulf Coast, from the East Texas Piney Woods to the West Texas Plains, there is so much to explore.

Discover Texas History is a hands-on curriculum that helps 4th-9th grade students discover Texas history, geography, and government…one adventure after another!

Ten chronological volumes make lesson planning easy. Interesting articles tell the story of Texas and link students to curated web sites for details. Biographies, topical studies, unit study projects, specially selected books, field trips, and more keep students interested and engaged.

How to Teach the Way Your Child Learns

If the doorways of understanding aren’t opening when we teach our children, maybe we’re using the wrong keys. Discover three learning styles, four temperaments, five senses, seven types of genius, and lots of teaching ideas that will help you unlock your child’s potential.

How to Make Learning Meaningful, Memorable, and Fun

Can you vividly remember anything you learned out of a textbook? Studies show we remember only 5 – 20% of what we read in books or hear in lectures, but when learning is ACTIVE, retention jumps to 70- 90%! Learn specific ways to excite your students about a lifetime adventure of learning.

How to Encourage Creative Thinking

Each of us was created to be creative–to think from a perspective that is entirely unique. So why do so many people doubt their creative abilities? Perhaps they’ve forgotten how to wonder, imagine, and play, but these skills can be encouraged at each phase of learning.

How to Raise a Hero

The world needs heroes, and every generation needs a fresh crop of them. What makes a hero, and how do you raise one? Find out how to equip your children to be leaders–to demonstrate courage, goodness, selflessness, and inspire others to discover their own strength. Discover how to raise winners who can change their world.